Northam Road

I spent my childhood in Northam Road (now Old Northam Road).

The street was busy with people and traffic and we would stand on the corner of the Six Dials asking, “Penny for the Guy?”  We would stick bubble gum on the ends of sticks and prize out pennies that people dropped down drains. We would sell found ‘bun’ pennies (ones with early heads of Queen Victoria wearing a bun) to antique shops and share the proceeds between our gang.

We spent Saturday mornings standing outside OXO’s junk shop reading DC comics.

We would try on hats at Blanche’s, a vintage clothing shop (there were no charity shops then only jumble sales and swap shops).

We would buy fish and chips and sit on railings by the new zebra crossing to eat them.

We would take our Teddy Bears to the “Dolls Hospital” a great toy shop that did repairs.

We would hassle the man in the bicycle shop to be allowed to ‘test’ the bikes up and down the pavement.

We would run errands for the shop-keepers in return for lollies or chewing gum, such as” collect prescriptions from the Chemist’s, or wait at Stroud’s newsagents round the corner for the pink “Football Echo” or buy a cabbage from Alice the “Olli Olli, Come and get your Cauli” lady at Kingsland Market, or buy ‘yesterday cakes’ from Biglands bakery (still there today but now a cafe) in St Mary Street.

We would meet outside Byegones or Cobwebs with our bathers after school to go swimming under Northam Bridge.

My heart flutters with memories when I pass the street now.


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Cobwebs still running after decades
Cobwebs still running after decades

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