DARE DEVILS – James Kingston

The world loves a dare devil, from Annie Edson Taylor, who went down Niagara falls in a barrel in 1901 to the Great Houdini. I have been following James Kingston, a young dare devil from Southampton, who has just climbed the Wembley Arch on a very windy day.


James Kingston on Wembley Arch June 2015.

Kingston has put Southampton on the map with his parkour activities around the City, the most memorable being, hanging off a tall port crane with one arm. He filmed this with an eye-cam which you can see more of on http://www.jameskingston.co.ukJames Kingston Southampton PortNow when my daughter learned to walk at 8 months old, she became a real dare-devil. She would climb up book shelves, jump from her cot and even from the top of steps. She would be in her child seat quietly spooning up her baby food when I nipped to the kitchen to get her a drink. On my return she would standing in the middle of the table with a kitchen knife in her hand shouting “dare deddil, dare deddil”. My heart would tighten.

When she got older she was no better, bungy jumps, sky diving, solo gliding.  But when she told me she saw James Kingston at a freerunning practise class, I had just an inkling of the worry Kingston’s mother must be going through. Luckily my daughter has put all this activity on hold for a while and is working at a bank.

Annie Edson Taylor

Annie Edison Taylor with the barrel she went down Niagara Falls in.